Anna Wilson, 2018 DivCHED Outstanding Service Award

It is my distinct honor to draw attention to the recipient of the Division of Chemical Education’s Outstanding Service Award, our beloved Anna Wilson. 

In her nomination, it was suggested that this is the “Year For Anna”. And why?

She has completed her years of service as our Treasurer.  It also is a year when Anna is continuing her work with the Division by agreeing to stay on as a regular member of the Finance Committee. Thus, for many reasons it would be a perfect time to wrap our arms around Anna, recall her many accomplishments, and convey our appreciation for her years of service.

The composition of these comments was difficult, not because it is difficult to honor Anna – far from it!- but because, normally , when we need to compile information about our distinguished service recipients , Anna is the go-to for the institutional memory that we need. So I apologize at the outset for any omissions we might have here.

Anna has been a member of the division since 1975—let that sink in — 1975, the President was named Ford and the top music of the day was The Bee Gees “Jive Talkin” and the Captain and Tenille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together”. Over the years Anna  has performed a number of different leadership roles: Many of you know her as the Treasurer of the Division from 2000 until this past year but you might not recall that Anna was program chair for the 1998 BCCE in Ontario, Canada and later served a four year term as the Program Chair for the Division. 

Her peers in the division speak of her as a humble servant leader, never seeking authority and control but working to help others to accomplish their goals.

Many who know and respect Anna use adjectives such as quiet and unassuming to describe her but also speak of her dedication and kindness. One such person who endorsed Anna’s nomination wrote “I was lucky to work with Anna during my terms on ExComm and I have nothing but praise for Anna as she managed the budget for the Division with grace and a twinkle in her eye during times of growth and change. I also recall that she would often check to make sure that I had someone to eat dinner with after the meetings. I will not ever forget the kindness she extended during that time.”

Another wrote “Anna has been an extraordinary example of quiet service to our Division. As treasurer, most of her work gets carried out behind the scenes…and it’s a lot of work! I appreciate her steady dedication to managing the finances of the Division. I also appreciate Anna for her small and constant acts of service. Anna is the first one to compliment and thank members of our Division for the work they do. Her attention to the well-being of others is a mark of a great leader.”

Still another said, “Anna Wilson has been a model of service for our Division. She is often the first to volunteer for a task, she dutifully yet cheerfully attends meetings to represent the section, and she has served the Division well as treasurer. Her quiet kindness and her dedication to her responsibilities in CHED are exemplary.”

Indeed this is the Year of Anna. Join me in congratulating and thanking her! Let’s hope that love will keep us together!

Irv Levy, 2019 DivCHED Chair


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