Division of Chemical Education, Travel Award Application

Award Information

Application Deadline: September 15, 2019
Award Notification: On or before October 15, 2019
Award Amount: Up to 80% of travel expenses* for one meeting with a limit of $1,000
Eligible Meetings: Spring 2020 ACS National Meeting and 2020 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education
Applicant Eligibility: To be considered for this award, you must be in at least your third year as a member of the Division of Chemical Education at the time of application.
*Expenses include meeting registration, transportation, lodging, and meals (at per diem rate)

Awardees will be required to submit a report within 4 weeks of attending the conference supported by the award to receive reimbursment.

Competitive travel applications provide specific goals for attending the meeting which align with the mission of DivCHED. These goals are commensurate with the applicant’s expertise, job roles, and interests. Highly rated applications contain targeted plans for becoming more involved in DivCHED through programming and/or committees. Strong applications describe a paper to give at the meeting of interest that contributes specifically to DivCHED programming. Lastly, applicants who have received a travel award within the last five years will receive lower priority.

Application Information
Question 1:

How do you hope to benefit professionally from this meeting?

Question 2:

How do you anticipate the meeting will help you to be more engaged with the Division of Chemical Education?

Question 3:

How will attending this meeting enable you to enhance your contribution to the field of chemistry education on a local, regional, or national level?

Question 4:

Describe why this award will enable you to attend a meeting you would otherwise be unable to attend.

Question 5:

What professional meetings have you previously attended?

Question 6:

Describe past Divisional (DivCHED) activities in which you have engaged.

Question 7:

Please provide a brief summary of the paper/poster you would submit to the Division of Chemical Education program for your meeting of interest.

Question 8:

Have you received a travel award from DivCHED before?

Supervisor Information
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