Fall 2015 Election Results - Division of Chemical Education Officers

We have concluded the election for the 2016 Division officers. We thank you, our members, for your participation in this effort.

Our newly elected officers for 2016 are:
MaryKay Orgill - Chair-Elect (2016)
Sally B. Mitchell - Councilor (2016-2018)
Rick Moog - Alternate Councilor (2016-2018)
Cinzia Muzzi - Alternate Councilor (2016-2018)

The Division wishes to acknowledge and thank all those who ran in the fall election. The candidates were:
Amina El-Ashmaway (chair-elect),Cinzia Muzzie (Councilor/Alternat Councilor), Patrick Daubenmire (Councilor/Alternate Councilor), Thomas B. Higgins (Councilor/Alternate Councilor), Daniel King (Councilor/Alternate Councilor).

Congratulations again to our new officers! We look forward to your leadership in the new year! 

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