ACS Division of Chemical Education International Travel Award

The Division of Chemical Education funds a Travel Award each year in support of a division member who presents and fully participates in an international chemical education conference held outside the U. S. The awardee will have the responsibility to communicate information and insights gained at the conference to the membership through available CHED publications and by postings on the DivCHED Web site (

At the New Orleans meeting, the Executive Committee adopted guidelines developed by the International Activities Committee (IAC); these are described below. Questions as well as completed applications can be sent electronically on or before November 30, 2017, to Resa Kelly, the current chair of CHED IAC. She can be reached at


The applicant must be a member of the Division of Chemical Education and be a full-time college, university, or high school faculty member. Preference will be given to junior and/or under-represented faculty members who have not had the opportunity to attend an international meeting in chemical education.

Selection Process:

  1. An announcement about the availability of this Award for the following year will be submitted for publication in the Fall CHED Newsletter, appropriate issues of JCE, and to C&EN News. The announcement will also be posted on the CHED website.
  2. The application package is due November 30 each year. It should be sent to the Chair of CHED-IAC. The award, presently $2000.00, is made for the following year.
  3. CHED-IAC members serving on the Awards sub-committee appointed by the CHED-IAC Chair will review the applications.
  4. The selected applicant will be announced by January 15 each year. An alternate will be selected in case the original awardee is not able to attend.

Application Package (Electronic applications are preferred):

There is no formal application form. However, the application package must include:

  • Description of the conference - provide the pertinent URL.
  • Description of proposed participation in the conference.
  • Statement of how attendance at the conference relates to professional responsibilities.
  • Plan for dissemination of information from the conference to CHED members, including submission of a report to the CHED IAC Chair within three months of attendance at the conference. The report should be suitable for publication in the CHED Newsletter and for posting on the CHED website.
  • Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae (no more than three pages).
  • One letter of endorsement from a supervisor (for example: department chair, dean, principal, headmaster).
  • An itemized estimate of expenses giving the amount of aid requested and sources of all supplemental funds.

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